10 November 2009

g i n k g o * b i l o b a

Welcome everyone to this new little space of mine "Naturally Dyeing" !

This is a place where I'll gather the records of my little experiments with dyeing with plants. My goal is to gather what Nature kidnly allows me to pick, like leaves or berries.

This is what I wanted to dye : a square of silk bourette (silk waste), a length of white linen, and a bit of silk yarn.

My very first experiment is dyeing with yellow leaves of

G i n k g o * B i l o b a



Mordanting (with alum)

Preparing the dye

The dye itself


The result

I must say I'm pretty happy with the result, even though the silk yarn doesn't look as "silky" as before the dye. I will share later what I will use these bits of ginkgo dyed fabrics for.

Thank you for following this with me. You can expect another post quite soon as I'm currently dyeing with something else as I'm typing. :)

And last but not least, I want to thank my sweet hubby for his help and big support. I would have not done all this without him.


  1. This blog will be one of my favoriteplaces!
    I think this is very interesting and want to learn all about is....so I can try it myself later on....Hugs from Clara!

  2. Sonia, I love this blog! And the photo with scrabbles is just amazing! xxx

  3. You're amazing, Sonia... always come up with something new. We did some dyeing with plants in college and it was quite interesting. Although I think that nowadays I'd be even more interested in that than back then (some 15 years ago).

    I love the result and I just adore those leaves... they're so beautiful!

    Hugs to you and good night :)!

  4. Congratulations on this lovely new blog, your photos are gorgeous. So interesting how different the linen and the silk colours came out! What a nice way of making a natural linen colour.

  5. I adore this new path you are taking
    and I am so very happy we are all able to walk along with you.
    I love the results and imagine you will create great beauty with them.

  6. Sonia, I had no idea! I'm so excited to see what you're doing. I'm really interested in natural dyeing myself so this will be a real treat. The gingko dye result is really lovely.

  7. I love the new blog name! I can't wait to see what becomes of your experiments and the color of the Ginkgo is lovely!

  8. fun to follow your adventures - the result turned out fantastic --- unfortunately there are no ginkgo biloba trees in my area as far as i know, so no ginkgo biloba dyeing for me :(

  9. I love them. What a soft, beautiful colour. I think we're short on ginko too but I just brought home some gorgeous black cabbage leaves from the market!

  10. Such beautiful colors in all these photos, and the end result is a lovely pastel yellow.

    Good luck with this new venture of yours! :)


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