28 December 2009

Solar dyeing // Ginkgo Biloba : Results

There we are, three weeks after I bottled the yellow leaves of ginkgo biloba with three pieces of unmordanted fabrics. (one linen & two silks - see previous post for more details) It stayed on the bathroom radiator the whole time. I wasn't really prepared to ... er, the smell of a vegetal fermentation ! LOL Well, it stroke me instantly as I opened the jar, but when I let a little laugh out, my boys & hubby went to check what was up & ran in the opposite direction the second after, ahahah. Anyway, that was the funny little anecdote about it. I think we're all warned now !

I had rolled the long piece of unmordanted linen with leaves & had tied it. I had rolled a long (scarf sized) piece of unmordanted silk with leaves & had tied it too. And had left a loose piece of unmordanted (sacrf sized too) silk in the jar, swimming in the middle of ginkgo leaves & water.

Conclusion is ... The loose piece of silk didn't get dyed much at all. But the two other pieces of fabrics that had been rolled show much more spots of yellow. An easy conclusion for me to roll & tie the next experiments, with the dyeing parts.

Here's a photo, which I have decided to load directly from Flickr (so you can click it & you'll get to the bigger version on Flickr)

Ginkgo biloba solar dyeing results

In addition to finishing this solar dye yesterday, I have made another dye ... which will be in the next post ... maybe tonight.
Thanks for visiting ! Happy Holidays ! xoxo

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  1. you've done well to get colour from gingko! i usually use it with other leaf material as a resist
    pale gingko shapes
    surrounded by reds and oranges from eucalyptus


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