6 December 2009

Solar dyeing // Ginkgo Biloba

Hi :) It's been quite a while, uh ? Life's been so busy, and still is (little one with swine flu & throat infection, his big brother coming down with something too, hubby very busy but still healthy)

Very inspired by Eva's & Cathy's solar dyeings, I decided to give it a go myself, and I thought about using the yellow leaves of ginkgo bilobas, while there were still. So I went to the botanical garden last Friday afternoon, and the same evening, started my very first jar of solar dye. I used three things to dye : one loose piece of unmordanted silk, another piece of unmordanted silk (but different) rolled with leaves and then tied with silk yarn, and a more narrow piece of white, unmordanted linen, rolled with leaves & tied with silk yarn too.

I don't know exactly how long I shall leave it on the radiator (no room here with full sun & warmth), but a good couple of weeks, I suppose. If you're familiar with solar dyeing, your advice would be greatly appreciated. :)

I will share the results, of course, as soon as I think they will be ready.

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  1. yes... i just planted a ginkgo biloba tree .. these leaves are beautiful .. mine is covered in green newly formed leaves (southern hemisphere, you know) these pics are lovely ... cannot wait to see your colours ..


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