25 May 2010

third dye with eucalyptus globulus

I'm blushing out of shame from head to toe ... I have badly neglected this dyeing blog. Well, first I should have posted about the third dye I had made using eucalyptus globulus. It was two months ago already, yuck.

I had decided to dye with eucalyptus globulus leaves, then let the fabrics in the dye, in what used to be a stainless steel bucket, but isn't anymore, for two nights. But this is the photo of when I poured the fabrics & dye in the bucket, and just seconds later ... and it was really like magic ...

in the dye bath
the magical bucket
two days

I had dyed a piece of (smooth) silk, a length of silk yarn, and a piece of (what used to be white when undyed) linen. This was the result of the third bath of dye with eucalyptus globulus ...

results of the lastest Eucalyptus globulus dyebath

I must precise that the silk & silk yarn were NOT mordanted at all, while the piece of linen was mordanted with soy milk. And these are the results of the THREE dyebaths I made with eucalyptus globulus.

results of the three different Eucalyptus globulus dyebaths

I would have never thought I'd achieve such a dark grey in such a way. I was really happy !

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  1. Thank you very much for taking the time to make these wonderful posts! I'm looking for a natural dye for a large piece of linnen and I never thought of this plant, but it's perfect.


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