26 August 2010

s a l v i a * o f f i c i n a l i s

The other day, when I was at my inlaws', I decided to pick a bit of sage (salvia officinalis) before we left, with dyeing with them, in mind. Here is what I picked :


and after mordanting my fabrics (the usual stuff) with alum (as usual), I hot dyed. (not solar dyed) And this is the result :

salvia officinalis

... which I think is rather lovely. A type of green I had not achieved yet. I'm happy I decided to dye with it, because it clearly is interesting.


  1. such beautiful color, on the silk it looks like gold!!! xxx

  2. Oh, how beautiful colour! I still have some in my garden...think of trying it too :-D

  3. Hi, beautiful and thanks for posting this. I am a paper maker and beginning to use natural dyes. I am preparing to beat old cotton sheets and then dye them. I read in the book Eco Colour by India Flint that sage leaves yields a red dye.I'll let you know how my experiment turns out. I'll post about it on my blog.

  4. It looks lovely! Really the silk seems like gold :)


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