15 September 2010

color palettes

I guess I'm into color palettes these days ... after making the zine, they are most definitely into my mind right now.

I grabbed the most successfully dyed silk yarns I've had, and tried to mix & match to make nice color combinations.

ginkgo biloba - immortelle - Italian buckthorn - onion - onion

immortelle - Italian buckthorn - onion - onion

eucalyptus - bilberry - blackberry

laurestine - sage - fennel

sage - onion - oakmoss

blackberry - eucalyptus

Italian buckthorn - eucalyptus

fennel - immortelle - bilberry

blackberry - immortelle - bilberry

immortelle - bilberry

to close this colorful post, I'd love to invite you to read this post on Whip Up : the most wonderful Margie Oomen is the guest blog today, and she also very kindly interviewed me, which is a real honor ! Thank you Margie & thank you Whip Up !

You can read the post HERE.

now please have the most wonderful & colorful day ! Thanks a lot for stopping by !


  1. I love the whole color palette :)

  2. fantastic colors!!! such great pics aswell, sorry I have been absent for a few days I need to catch up on everyones amazing creativity .....fantastic dying well done xxx jenny

  3. i am in paradise, natural fiber color paradise
    thank you so much:)

  4. Oh Sonia your colours are to "dye" for ;o)

    I especially love that big long photo with all the colours. Very inspiring and beautiful.

    Have a good weekend

  5. Hi Sonia, I have been trying to find a perfect shade of grey linen to do an embroidery project but it's very hard to come by. After reading your posts about natural dyeing I think I'll try dyeing a piece of white linen in eucalyptus. Mabey I'll get lucky! Thanks so much,
    greetings from portugal


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