3 October 2010

f o e n i c u l u m * v u l g a r e // second try

well, September has certainly been a busy month for me & hubby, and I'm not speaking about our boys going back to school ;-)
we've been dyeing, taking advantage of the last third of summer (considering that July & August were the first two thirds) & of the bounty Nature can provide at this time of the year.

so ... we decided to try fennel (foeniculum vulgare) once again. But we didn't pick it at the same place as in August, and it was already 3 weeks after the first dye with fennel. The fennel wasn't in full bloom anymore, and instead of green, the plant was rather yellow. Well, that's how it translated on fiber too ... it got yellow instead of green !

I made one mistake too ... I over heated & the silk lost its shine. (lesson learnt, this won't happen to me. Ever. Again. I swear)

as usual, all materials have been mordanted with alum

foeniculum vulgare, 2nd experiment (dye bath)

foeniculum vulgare, 2nd experiment

foeniculum vulgare, 2nd experiment

foeniculum vulgare, 2nd experiment

so beasides the lesson I learnt from overheating, the other thing I have learnt is that a same plant, at a different stage of its growth, will give different results.

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  1. i love its subtle color
    we used a thermometer in the dye class


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