3 October 2010

r o s a * c a n i n a // first try

I've written "first try" in the title because I would love to try this again, a second time, but doing things differently.

so, hubby & I gathered rosehips (rosa canina) by the middle of September. After mordanting our fibers with alum, we made the dyebath with the rosehips, and once the fibers got into the bath (once again I overheated & ruined the silk's shine, not that I didn't learn from the previous time -read previous post- but I made these two dyes at the same time ... not a good idea, apparently !), we poured everything in our "used-to-be-stainless-steel-but-isn't-anymore" bucket (remember ? yes, THAT bucket) & it stayed overnight in it. So I understand that the final color would have been different if we hadn't poured it in the iron bucket. That's why I'd love to try again, if the season isn't over.

rosa canina

rosehip dye bath

rosehips dyeing

rosehips dyeing

this said, I'm not disliking the color ! But I'm still biting my own tongue for overheating the bath. Oh well, nevermind. We learn from failures, not from successes.

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