6 December 2010

p h i l l y r e a * a n g u s t i f o l i a // second dye

I am SO late blogging about this one ... oh my ...
we had tried phillyrea angustifolia a second time in the middle on October. The first time was back in early October, and that second time, it gave us a slightly different hue of green, but that I love just as much. Loo :

hot dyeing with phillyrea angustifolia // second dye

a little reminder about how much unpredictable naturally dyeing is ... we used the same technique, the same plant, picked at the same place, but two weeks later.


  1. I see that cotton and linen are still refusing to take up the dye. Have you ever tried a different mordant?

  2. lovely - simply a lovely green! I envy your work results. thanks for the inspiration!


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