22 August 2011

more dyeing coming soon

hello everyone,

sorry for the lack of update, this summer has been busy, and I even managed to dye several times. Some with materials I had already used, and some that I had never tried. I will blog about them all soon, I'm trying to be up to date with everything online & offline (back to school for my boys in 2 weeks) but I hope to blog about them this week. (or at least part of them)

I wanted to thank you all for stopping by, for taking time to leave a word or two, it is always very much appreciated.  I've awfully neglected to answer all the questions you might have asked in the comment sections, along the months, so if you have any, ask it in today's post & I will reply in a future post, I promise. Just keep in mind that I'm a simple experimenter, I'm no expert at all.

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