31 January 2012

no ugly color

Just wanted to display here two photos I've been taking recently, and that fill my heart with happiness. Since I've started dyeing with plants, I've become more & more aware that there is NO ugly color. Even a soft, subtle, washed, fainted, weathered, even slightly muddy or dusty color, can be very charming & interesting, on its own, or mixed with other naturally dyed (or natural, earth friendly -linen, hemp etc-) fibers.

from front to background :
avocadoe skins
italian buckthorn (berries)
onion peels
and er, I can't remember, oopsie

from front to background :
avocadoe skins exhausted bath (2 times) + iron (rusted bits)
alder cones exhausted bath (2 times) + iron (rusted bits)
onion skins (dyed last year)

I am now extremely looking forward to be using all of these delicious fibers !


  1. I love how natural colours work so well together - thanks for sharing your inspiring photos x

  2. I couldn't agree more! No ugly colours, but a whole new world of nuances. (Ah, come to think of it, theres has been a time or two ... but that was probably because I made a mistake)

  3. Hi Sonia. I was awarded the
    Liebster Blog Award , and now I offer it on to you, as one my favourite inspirational artists
    that I follow.

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    Regards Phillipa


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