3 April 2012

some recent dyeings

First of all, sorry for the lack of update. Not that I have not been dyeing, but, well, I haven't been out (into the wild, I mean) much at all this winter (my father passed away late October, my mom's come to live next door, -to make long short- so my world has been quite disturbed) I hope there'll be more posts now that we're in spring, and that I SHOULD be out on a much more regular basis !!

Sometimes mid March, I had little natural dyeing sessions. We had stopped by my mom's house, and had gathered (cultivated) rosemary. I was expecting a yellow color, like the last time I used rosemary leaves. But ... here are the green color on some fibers I dyed with rosemary leaves (rosmarinus officinalis)

(spring) rosemary dyed (and tie-dyed)

(spring) rosemary dyed (and tie-dyed)

The other dyeings I want to show you sneek peaks of, are dyeings (or again, tie-dyeings) I made for what will be the wrapping of all orders of naturally dyed items. I told you I didn't want disposable wrappings, and these will be in total synch with what they will hold. They will be drawstring pouches. I'm looking forward to sewing them & showing them to you when they'll be all done. (I used avocado peels for the pink, onion skins for the orange, and rosmary for the green)

naturally dyed drawstring pouches to be

naturally dyed drawstring pouches to be

Which leads me to what I wanted to tell you : the SHOP update coming VERY soon (in a couple of days maximum) will NOT contain any naturally dyed items !

BUT, I will be having another shop update at the end of next week, with naturally dyed items EXCLUSIVELY. So keep your eyes peeled if you are interested. I will show & tell more as I'll have done things.

Thanks for stopping by !

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  1. Wow, this is really beautiful. I can't wait to peruse the rest of your blog and see the other gorgeous things you have dyed!


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