14 June 2012

yay, CHILLYSUMMER for you !

Although the temperatures are slowly but surely rising again (I think we'll be back to fully seasonal temps this weekend), I know it's been rather wet and chilly in other parts of this world.
(sneaky, I know, but sorry, sometimes I have no shame doing some self promotion ...) There are scarves in the shop, silk or cotton, all naturally dyed, and they are all on sale until Saturday midnight (Paris time). The photo below says it all ...

So silk scarves are U$ 34 instead of 40, the yellow cotton scarves are U$ 21.25 instead of 25, and the last cotton scarf (onion dyed) is U$ 17 instead of 20. (+ shipping fees) You can see more details in the shop directly : here.
Thanks for reading, everyone. May this post find you happy & healthy.

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