2 October 2012

Re-designed & re-stocked shop !

If you read my regular blog, you must have read that already. I have re-designed & re-stocked my shop, with lots of naturally dyed goodness !

5 naturally dyed scarves (4 are cotton, 1 linen), card holders, and more !

dyed with pomegranate & iron (2 on top)
dyed with Sicilian sumac & iron (3 at the bottom)
(gift or business) linen card holders with hemp braided cord closure
There are still many naturally dyed scarves like the ones below :

naturally dyed with avocado skins
dyed with avocado skins

naturally dyed with yarrow
dyed with common yarrow
I hope you all have a great start of October.
Thank you very much for visiting today !


  1. you create the lovliest shades of colors...i love them ♥


    1. Aww, Viebeke, that is so very sweet to say so ! Thank you so much ! xo


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