at it again

Lighter background, stronger + + +

at it again

Onion peels (and iron) dyed and tie-dyed linen / Onion peels dyed silk thread / free hand embroidery

+ + + again ... Trying to focus my energy and turn it into positive little crosses. It's been therapeutic.

So I keep on stitching + + + at a random pace. Embracing the imperfection of life AND the beauty of life.

Wishing you all to being able to embrace the beauty AND the imperfection of life today, and always. Sending positive thoughts your way.


  1. I love those + + +. What an amazing colour. WOW! It's like spun copper or something.
    I've been doing little stitches with purple dyed with mulberry. It's good to do meaningful, thoughtful yet little stitches. They won't always work towards something bigger but they have meaning when I stitch them, and that's important.
    Have a lovely day xxx


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