11 January 2013

first shop update of 2013

Time has come for a little shop update, it's been way too long ! The crosses I stitched this past week were turned into two zipped pouches. They're rather roomy (8"/20cm zipper, 4.33"/11cm high), and could carry your embroidery or crochet WIP on the go, for instance !
onion and Sicilian sumac
They're both in linen, for the outside. The greige one was dyed/tie-dyed with onion peels & modified with onion. The dark purple one was dyed/tie-dyed with Sicilian sumac (sumac des corroyeurs / rhus coriaria) and modified with iron too.
Then here comes a linen panel, tie-dyed with onion peels & modified with iron. It measures 15.75" x 27.56" / 40 x 70 cm, and could be displayed on a wall, used on a table like a small table runner or centerpiece, and it can totally be used for creating other textile pieces (like this gorgeous one, for instance) ! The lovely customer who purchased the ones tie-dyed with Sicilian sumac (again !) planned to use them as small noren-style curtains, what a creative use for them !!
onion tie-dyed linen panel
onion tie-dyed linen panel
They can be found in the shop. Along with lots of things on sale ...


  1. I've just come across your blog and I have to say, I love it! Will definitely be following it. I've just recently been introduced to the idea of dyeing materials using natural dyes, can't wait to give it a try this Spring/Summer.

    1. Thanks Emma ! I'm glad you found your way over here ! I hope you'll have a great time looking around !


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