pistacia terebenthus

I wonder why it took me so long to discover Pistacia terebenthus' property ...

pistacia terebenthus

It grows abundantly in our corner of the world, is not endangered, so I'm pretty chuffed to have found another local source for this intemporal, unisex, classic, modern, goes-with-everything color that is grey.

When you don't dye from extract (powder that you only have to dilute), and when you want to source natural materials locally, mindfully, respectfully, then you have to move your big bottom & get your small brain to work in order to find what's available around you. And I'm so happy I have been developing this capacity these last months. (or this last year)

As a result, here are some new buckets, a couple of them already sold.

pistacia terebenthus

pistacia terebenthus

The one with the branch did sold, but you can win it here !! Yes, win it ! (thank you so much, Annie !)
This branch is supposed to be a branch of ... Pistacia terebenthus. It's a small hommage to this beautiful tree that generously let me use some of its leaves. (it was hand embroidered with onion peels dyed silk thread)

You can find the buckets in the shop.


  1. Oh, such beautiful buckets! The four of them together looks so great. Almost a pity separating them. Love the embroidered branch, simple & stylish!

    1. Aw, thanks a lot Mona ! It was my first try dyeing (and tie-dyeing) organic cotton twill, and I was happy it worked great ! :)

  2. I've been looking and looking to see if this tree grows here in Wales, but the books say it doesn't and none of my gardening friends have come across it so I guess I'm going to be out of luck when it comes to this particular shade of grey.


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