9 August 2013

daucus carota

I had hoped I'd be updating the shop with what I'm going to show you, earlier this week, but so many unplanned things came my way, it wasn't possible. Besides I have decided to re-take all photos of the naturally dyed scarves already in the shop, in order to give a more uniform look, and it gave me extra work. But I'm super duper happy with how it looks now ! Look !

I will tell you the little story of the mannequin another day ...
So ... what brings me to you today is a plant that can be found all over the planet I suppose : Daucus carota ! (aka wild carrot aka Queen Anne's Lace)

credit : Wikipedia (the image is in the public domain)

I picked it the day before we left from our vacation (renting) house. Needless to say that it is not protected, nor endangered, and that it grows abundantly. Which makes of it a much beloved dye plant in my book !

Daucus carota

Isn't it a charming, delightful flower ? I love it so ! I dyed with it as soon as we were back home, on the last days of July. I dyed scarves & more, but today I'll "only" share with you the scarves.

I also added scarves that I had dyed & tie-dyed back in June with Pistacia terebenthus, but that I didn't have to time to add.


  1. The shop is looking so good!

    And Queen Anne's lace is a favourite of mine too. I had huge bouquets of it everywhere when we got married, so it has a special place in my heart.

  2. Thank you for posting this, I didn't know it Queen Anne's Lace was also a wild carrot. But I don't remember seeing them in the wild in Australia, must pay more attention when I'm out. Love the colours they give.

  3. I also have this plant in my garden I too love it, it is truly a wonderful shape changer and so fascinating to watch, great to see what colours it produces, thank you.


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