acacia dealbata zipped pouch

Sorry everyone for the lack of updates. Fact is that I moved in December 2013, and have been feeling a little disturbed in my habits, and have actually not dyed for months now. BUT. I have been using naturally dyed fibers ! And here is a pouch that I added to the shop yesterday !

It made of 100% wool fabric {made in France}, and lined with organic cotton twill. It was free hand embroidered with silk threads naturally dyed (by me) with immortelle flowers (yellow) & Italian buckthorn. (green) It represents Acacia dealbata, also known as "silver wattle" in English, and as "mimosa" en Français. I love botany, but I guess you knew that by now !

Acacia dealbata zipped pouch

I loved embroidering this piece. I had forgotten how much I love to (free hand) embroider ! It' such a meditative act. In this case, I let the naturally dyed silk threads inspire me.

You can see more photos of the pouch, as well as more details, in the shop.

Thank you for reading & for stopping by today !


  1. Well, life gets in the way of blogging, doesn't it, and that's perfectly all right :)
    Love your pouch - and to embroider free hand too. I feel, that my thoughts wanders leisurely while needle and thread does the same; meditative, as you say.
    I haven't been dyeing much these last months either, lack of energy as well as leaves ;) Spring will enlive us, I'm sure :)


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