14 October 2014

September dyeing & another shop update

So it happened that I had a dyeing session in September, despite the craziness of the month of coming back to school (not me, but my boys !). It was no new dye to me, and I had been waiting for the right moment for picking & using it. I dyed with Sicilian sumac, aka Rhus coriaria.

leaves in the dye bath

my fibers, all wet & waiting to be dyed

linen panels, tie-dyed

linen, tie-dyed too

I dyed cotton & linen scarves, furoshikis & linen panels that already are in the SHOP. I also dyed what will be zipped pouches but they're not available yet.

I hope you will find a couple of minute for browsing the boutique. Thank you for your interest & your visit.


  1. The linen panels are very pretty! Rhus coriaria is called tanning sumak in danish - a fitting name, isn't it? - lots of tannin :) I haven't seen any growing wild here though, so I have to make do with the ordinary; Rhus typhina.
    Happy autumn!

    1. Hello Mona ! Thanks a lot for your visit & for your comment !
      Yes, they contain lots of tannin & when modified with iron, it provides a special purplish grey that I really like & can't have with any other plant that grow here. In French, the translation also means it was used for tanning the leather, back then.
      Happy autumn to you & yours


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