Give naturally dyed presents this season

Another month has come & gone, oh my ! No new dye, sadly, but we are approaching the holiday season, so why not giving naturally dyed presents this season ?

There are cotton gauze scarves & linen voile scarves, and also some homewares (storage bins) and accessories (zipped pouches) available in the shop & ready to ship !

You also need to know the dates after which I will not guarantee delivery in time for Christmas ! So if you mean to place an order for Christmas, pleae would you do it before :

  • DECEMBER 13th : if you are in France
  • DECEMBER 06th : if you are in Europe
  • NOVEMBER 29th : if you are in the rest of the world : USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc ..
I hope you will have a look at the shop. Thank you for your support !